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Traffic management

Any large-scale manufacturing plant is going to bring with it all the problems associated with heavy traffic: air pollution, increased noise, and congestion. That’s why at Swindon, we put plans in place to minimise our environmental impact from the very start. And we continue to improve on those plans today.

Internal road network

To reduce the number of delivery vehicles using local roads, we’ve built an internal road system that’s used to transport parts to and from warehouses on site.

Improved bus services and cycle paths

At present, we’re far too dependent on people reaching the Swindon site by car. That’s why we’ve been working with the local bus company, Stagecoach, to include our site on their routes and increase services. We’ve also been talking to Swindon Borough Council about improving cycle paths.

Despatching cars by rail

Our cars at Swindon are sold across Europe and twice a week need to be transported to our distribution centre in Gent, Belgium. This was previously done by road transporters, but in October 2007 we made the switch to rail. As a result, the amount of CO2 emissions per car has already been significantly reduced.

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