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Co-generation technology

If you’re driving cleaner on the roads, you’ll want to be living cleaner at home too. That’s where our co-generation technology comes in – helping to provide electricity and hot water while reducing CO2 emissions.

Boosting your home’s energy efficiency

Our compact co-generation units use a gas engine to generate electricity, and the exhaust heat from that engine is used to supply hot water. This produces a total energy efficiency of 85.5%.

The impact so far

Our Ecowill co-generation units were first released in Japan in 2003 and 50,000 units had been sold by July 2007. This will have saved approximately 42,000 tonnes of CO2 per year – equivalent to three million trees.

The units are now on sale in America – where they’re called Freewatt – and we’re aiming to bring them to the UK and the rest of Europe next.

Our co-generation
units have an energy
efficiency of 85.5%