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Fuel cells

The Honda FCX Clarity is the world’s first production fuel cell vehicle. It’s a next-generation, hydrogen-powered vehicle with only one emission: water. As a clean alternative to traditional fossil fuels, nothing demonstrates our industry-leading commitment to environmental technology better than the FCX Clarity.

Why fuel cells?

Rising pollution, climate change and shrinking oil supplies all mean we need to change the way we drive. Fuel cells provide the answer. Not only do they produce zero emissions, but they are also powered by hydrogen – the most commonly occurring element in the universe.

How do they work?

Think of a fuel cell as a box full of air. Hydrogen is pumped in and the chemical reaction produces electricity and water. The electricity powers the car and the water exits through the tailpipe as vapour. It’s an exciting and major breakthrough for motoring.


Fuel cells produce
zero CO2 emissions

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