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“One must keep chasing one’s dreams”Soichiro Honda

For sixty years, we’ve worked to increase human mobility and now our sights have turned to the skies with the development of the HondaJet.

Realising the dream

In just over a decade, the HondaJet has gone from being a number of questions, ideas and sketches, to an executive very light jet that will set new standards for aviation. It’s a remarkable journey that is born out of our passion, vision and flair for innovation.

High performance meets low environmental impact

A series of design innovations will make the HondaJet the greenest in its class:

  • The all-composite fuselage structure lightens the weight of the jet for greater fuel efficiency
  • The over-the-wing engine configuration achieves lower drag at high speeds than standard rear-fuselage engine mount designs
  • A natural-laminar flow airfoil and nose design increases aerodynamic efficiency
  • The lightweight HF 120 turbofan engine reduces fuel consumption and emissions

The result? The HondaJet is set to be the most economical jet in its class, using 30-35% less fuel. And it will the fastest too – with a cruising speed of 420 knots and a range of 1,180 nautical miles.

HondaJet uses
30-35% less fuel than
others in its class