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Reducing CO2

When it comes to CO2 and cars, the talk usually focuses on limiting on-the-road emissions. But at Honda, we look at reducing emissions throughout the entire product life cycle – from research through to disposal.

Life cycle emissions

Our Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) programme, launched in 2002, found that the CO2 emitted over the life cycle of a Honda vehicle breaks down like this:

  • 78% (approx) out on the road
  • 6% in putting our vehicles together
  • The remaining 16% through the other stages of production – raw materials, transportation, etc.

Setting targets

We want our CO2 emissions to have dropped by at least 10% compared to 2000 levels. And that’s 10% throughout each stage of a vehicle’s life cycle, including production.

Global CO2 Reduction Targets for 2010